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Classes[edit | edit source]

At the beginning of your adventure you select one of three classes. Each class has their own gender between Male and Female. The classes you can select from are as follows:
Classes Description
Magus Magus is a great spell caster who relies on the elements to inflict great damage upon their enemies. The Magus relies on Magic Power and Critical Chance. By fusing the elements together a magus can become very powerful. The magus is armed with staffs to channel their magical power.
Berserker Relying on brute strength, the berserker tears through enemies. The berserker uses massive Attack and Health Points to stay alive in order to crush their enemies. Armed with Axes, they can slice and dice their way to victory.
Priest The key to surviving, the priest uses books to read magical chants that restore Health Points and raise Defense temporarily. Relying on Defense and Magic Power the priest heals allies and supports a group they are in.
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