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Pets[edit | edit source]


A Pet is a unique companion. They assist you on your travels and can be leveled up in order to make them more powerful. Using a pet is both useful and fun!

Acquiring A Pet

After the initial "Tutorial" of the game you will be brought to the Capital and shown around the various areas. One of these areas will be a Pet Store in which you buy Skills to make you pet more powerful. At the end of this phase you will be given a Pet Egg containing Sniper Momo(see picture above).
Pet skills can improve the pets abilities and the abilities of any players in the area. They can also reduce the enemies abilities.
After this process though, you will need to Pet Hunt or buy your pet in the Market. All pets are given at random even if you purchase a Summoning Scroll from the Market.

Leveling up Your Pet

You can make your pet more powerful by having it fight with you as you play. If your pet is not fighting with you the health bar will not be shown. Simply click on the icon of the pet you want to fight with you and it shall be summoned. Your pet will naturally gain levels as it fights with you.
Pets get double the experience you gain from killing mobs. They also gain experience when you complete quests.

Pet Stones (Refined and Regular)

You can also get bonus stats for your pet by having luck on your side when using pet stones to upgrade your pet.

Regular Pet Stone: There is a chance to lose a level if you are not lucky enough to upgrade your pet. This happens after level 7. These stones can be acquired from events and the Adventure Team quests.

Refined Pet Stones: You do not lose a level when you fail to upgrade your pet. These stones can be bought from the Market.

Qualities & Moods

When you level up you can get more stats by having a certain Quality while Moods only effect a certain Stat. The Qualities are like Gear by color. The order is the same: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange. You can change Qualities by earning or buying Rebirth Stones. Rebirth stones change the Quality and Mood to give you a randomized new set of each.

Pet Hunting

When you are the appropriate level certain instances let you enter a separate instance which allows you to play the instance to get Pet Eggs. The eggs you obtain are random and usually you obtain them after beating certain sections of the map.
This mode is Normal difficulty and will have pet eggs resembling the instance's mobs. The eggs drop from any mob.
The instances that have a "Capture Pet" mode are:
Alchemist's Lab
Temple of Prophecy
Tribal Forest
Three Tribal Witches
Pet source locations:
Rhea the Titan: Temple of Prophecy - drops from Rhea the Titan at the end of the instance - all modes EXCEPT Capture Pet
Behemoth Barron: Tribal Forest - drops from Jungle Fiend, the boss at the end of the downstairs instance - all modes EXCEPT Capture Pet

Evolving your Pet

You can cumulatively increase your pets current star rating by using other pets. You gain a small percentage of the total amount required to get to the next star level each time you consume another pet.
Once your pet has enough STAR experience it will cost a certain amount of gold to go to the next star level.
Getting to 2-stars through 5-stars costs gold once the pet has enough STAR experience.
Going from 5-stars to 6-stars requires 3 of the same pet that are also at 5-stars.
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